A few New Year's Notes

First and foremost, A very happy new year to you all! May 2014 be your best year so far with each future year being better than the last. Next, I know I've been lax in visiting your blogs and answering your wonderful comments. I apologize. These last couple of weeks has been really strange. Allergies that usually kick my butt in April and August are hitting me with hurricane force. This brings me to last night while exchanging New Year wishes along with jokes and puns with family and friends, one of my friends said something that I questioned. Jules (yes, our Jules from trying to get over the rainbow) e-mailed me this as part of her message. So spend the day doing something you want to all year because that part I know is true. To which I replied, with both jokes and apprehension. Did you mean whatever I do tomorrow, I'll do all year? (insert gmail laughing head and another comment which was personal). Several more exchanges were made and I passed the conversation on to family and friends who had laughs and their own set of comments. Come on, guys, you know me. The Tart is my idol. Use your imaginations. We can't start the year with me spelling everything out for you. Anyway, this morning I awoke with allergy eyes. The ones that are still running but glued shut. They popped open rather suddenly, taking a few eyelashes along, when I greeted the world with a  loud obnoxious sneeze. As I type this both my eyes and nose are running faster than an Indy car. If this is what I'll be doing the next twelve months all I can say is "Acho! Please pass the tissue". Oh yeah, You might want to buy stock in companies that produce tissue. I'm not brand sensitive only nose sensitive. Happy New Year! Do something on this first day you really love repeating.

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