This Quilting Momma is Happy!

As I said this quilting momma is very happy! I no longer have to brows the online stores to search or try to coordinate fabrics that I half way completed projects for. I seriously took in all of your suggestions from when I asked what you think what borders would look best with the Ms. Ray quilt top. I went on and used their design board and played around with all the colorways even the ones you thought would look best too! Here is  what I came up with using the two greens and it is some what of what I had in mind. I just did not have the leaf print in mind for the main border but I am not going to complain. I went to both of my LQS's today and this is what they had to offer.  I rather buy local than to buy online any day but I will buy online when I am desperate enough to do so. So what do you think? The green stripe is the binding, the orange is the main border and the green with dots will be used as the accent the main border. I even switched the greens around a bit but we'll see what happen in the end when I get to working on it. I also had another quilt top that I had conflicting issues with of what I wanted to put it all together with and I found these two color ways from the Pom Pom de Paris collection to go with that patchwork charm pack top that I made a while back. 

Well it is not going to be a patchwork quilt too much longer because I bought this little guy about a week ago. Do to the fact that I have all that Lily & Will fabric from my mom and I had no idea what to do with it until I saw a quilt done up using this little guy. I do want the big brother to this little guy too. I could have gotten him today but had to make that awful choice of buying fabric or the tool. I will get the big guy another day. But I am going to use the little guy on the patchwork for practice and for bragging rights I am now finally a proud owner of my very own copy of Moda Bake Shop's Fresh Fabric Treats book. Not a bad little book to own. Yes, it too is a LQS find! And it was on sale too! What's been in the works? Well, not much! I have taken two left over charm squares and paired them up with some left over solid scraps and this is what I came up with. Its a 5.5 in x 7in block. It was pretty easy to do and it would be a great start to a new quilt pattern or another mug rug. More likely a mug rug. Lastly, I have been slowly working on the pot pinchers . I have two more sets to do then I am finished with them for now. I can not give these ones up, I have the thread catchers to match.! Well, that is what has been going on in my neck of the woods lately! Hope everyone is doing well out there!